Code of Conduct


This policy and procedures establishes an effective, accountable and transparent framework in the disability services. A breach of the code of conduct or the values that establish this code by an employee may result in disciplinary action and including termination of employment, other unappropriated actions related to legislation, could also lead to criminal investigation.


The Disability Support worker is the key front line operational roles operational for supporting in promoting independence to maximize the living, social, and recreational opportunities of participants with disability. Community inclusion, independence, decision-making and the personal choices should be promoted to be tailored support strategies focused on individual need. All service deliveries must be in line with the policies and procedures of iseeksupport and the requirement of disability standards.


– Speak the truth and act truthfully “don’t tell a lie”
– Being honest and transparent “at all times”
– Being well grounded and encouraging people to uncover their potential “feel empowered”


– Feeling a deep admiration for clients, families and employees for their abilities, qualities and achievements – treating with dignity.
– Acting in a way that shows you are aware of someone’s feelings, rights and wishes.
– Being able to understand how other people see and interpret the world around them through dialogue


– Welcoming any person from different back ground (religion, country, lgbt community etc..)
– Experience a sense of belonging in their community
– Empowering their potential and acknowledging

  • The aims of the code of conduct

To ensure iseeksupport employee and volunteers have appropriate skills and experience to deliver our service.

iseeksupport is committed to ensure the participants we support:

    • – Make choices and decisions for themselves
      – Maintain and develop their health and wellbeing
      – Grow and develop relationships
      – Have the opportunity to participate in the community
      – Develop their talent, interests and abilities
      – Engage socially in activities, including work, education, and holiday activities
      – Maintain independence and control of their own lives
      – To ensure NDIS funds are used to achieve the best outcome
    • Dealing with our colleagues:

    • – Treat all people with respect and courtesy manner
      – Show consideration to our colleagues; this includes being punctual, doing our fair share of the work and offering a willing hand to help others
      – Maintain a safe, healthy, harmonious and efficient working environment
      – Work together as a team and treat each other with respect and dignity
      – Use the correct and approved procedures in expressing and resolving grievances

All employees and volunteers are to:

– Support iseeksupport’s vision, purpose and values
– Perform with consistence and professionalism, integrity and honesty 
– Advocate in a professional manner dealings with participant and families
– Fulfil our responsibilities in accordance with our job description or duty statement with due care and diligence
– Adapt to iseeksupport policies, procedures and guidelines at all times
– Understand and comply with iseeksupport work practices of and maintain records as required
– Maintain the privacy, dignity confidentiality and rights of all people involved
– Provide information to participants and family members about service choices
– Follow all regulations and guide lines
– Inform manager of any criminal offense
– Working together in decision making
– Strive to improve our skills, knowledge and competencies

  • Reference

  • Equity, Anti-Discrimination and Workplace Harassment Policy and Procedure NSW Disability Standard



Iseeksupport mission is to provide individual choice and control. Iseeksupport seeks to provide the best possible services and support to enhance their lives of people with disability and families. Iseeksupport aims where people have opportunity to reach their full potential achieve their goals and participate as valued member of the local community. Our vision “maximising choices and achieving daily goal”.


Iseeksupport mission and four core values provides the foundation for all that we do, how we behave with each other, and we demonstrate to any person interacting or supporting with our company.

We value:

– Empowering participants to have a voice
– Partnership working approach
– Being proactive and accountable
– Have consistence delivering best support
– Always looking for improvements

Iseeksupport provide services that enables empower and support for people with disability and family members to have independency and choice and control in their lives.

Iseeksupport values and the behaviour that support these values are:


– Encouraging benefits of regular physical activity, encouraging healthy choices.
– Encouraging participants to be part of community and social networks.
– Acknowledging the constantly changing natures of someone’s life, looking for a balance emotionally, physically and mentally in daily life.

Interacting with others: dealings with clients and the wider community:

  • – Respect individual differences and the right of others to have an opinion that is different to ours.
    – Act with courtesy, fairness, efficiency and impartiality
    – Assist clients to present themselves in the community as they choose and in such a way that they are accepted and integrated.
    – Respect the rights and dignity of clients
    – To provide full information and advice in a manner that is clear, simple and most appropriate for the participants and family
    – Only access confidential information for authorised work-related task and maintain the confidentiality and privacy.
    – Present a positive image to the community through our dress, attitude and interactions
    – Perform all duties free from the influence of alcohol, drugs or anything that impact staff performance


  • – Provide fair and consistent leadership, information, resources, learning support and the correct policies and procedures to support employees reaching the required level of performance
    – All employees to adhere the code of conduct
    – All employees to acknowledge their job description
    – Support the ongoing development of employees
    – Manage change as ongoing, continuous and positive

Breaching the code of conduct – inappropriate behaviours include, but are not restricted to:

  • – Abusive, derogatory or obscene language
    – Discriminatory, threatening, harassing or bullying behaviour
    – Financial relationship with a client or colleague that benefits an employee
    – Providing advice to a service user on financial matters
    – Offering or providing services that create a conflict of interest
    – Any relationship that has the potential for a conflict of interest
    – Providing services which the employee does not have appropriated skills and or training, or authorisation
    – Physical violence including throwing objects
    – Insensitive jokes and pranks
    – Inappropriate behaviour of a sexual nature, including unwelcome advances, jokes and comments on appearance
    – Body contact or display of offensive materials
    – Inappropriate criticism of colleagues
    – Dishonest behaviour
    – Unappropriated argument with clients, their families and other service providers
    – Inappropriate standard of dress or personal hygiene
  • All employees are required to conduct the duties in accordance with principle of this code of conduct. Iseeksupport is committed to a culture of inclusivity, equal employment, free from discrimination, harassment and bullying. Iseeksupport code of conduct upholds the Disability Service Standards, which underpin all iseeksupport practises.