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NDIS Practice Standard 2: Provider Governance and
Operational Management #

1.0 Purpose and scope #

iSeekSupport is focused on meeting regulatory compliance, achieving best practice standards and providing continuous quality supports to our participants.

We continuously work towards building our organisation’s resilience and business capability to effectively manage change (e.g. legislative, emergencies) to ensure continuity of service.

iSeekSupport plans to ensure the business can:

  • Manage crises effectively (within our control)
  • Provide service and business continuity to participants
  • Provide reassurance to staff and participants during times of uncertainty
  • Implement our review and compliance structures and policy and procedures.

We will develop strategies to examine the risks and methodology of the business and implement changes required to address the risks identified.

2.0 Procedure #

iSeekSupport acknowledges that our staff and key personnel are essential to providing support and business continuity. Our business is not reliant on a small group of individuals to provide service provision.

If key personnel are unable to fulfil their duties, the business will still operate using workers who have the appropriate skills and experience to meet the needs of our participants. These workers may include:

  • Staff trained to undertake the role of others in their absence
  • Staff who are mentored and trained to increase their skills and knowledge
  • Agency staff who we employ when required
  • Regular casual staff.

Also, we will conduct appropriate risk assessments to mitigate risk and understand priorities for risk management actions. We will identify strategic priorities and assist in preparing for effective recovery after an emergency or disaster. We will monitor and comply with government directives and keep our participants and staff informed. All records and plans will be kept updated to ensure the information available is precise and current.

iSeekSupport engages with all key stakeholders to ensure we receive diverse input to inform our business plan, policies and procedures, which may include, but not be limited to, working with community members, participants, other service providers, IT professionals, health professionals, government bodies and staff

We have a policy and procedure review structure in place that is linked to our organisational risk management practices. With government legislation continually changing, we will, on an ongoing basis, implement changes required to the actions of our business and our employees.

The manager or their delegates will determine if there is a threat to the business and the way that it currently functions, which may require analysis of current work practices, a review of our services and price structures in comparison to our competitors.

3.0 Crisis management #

Information obtained from various sources will be used to determine if our business model is appropriate. iSeekSupport will review our crisis management processes and implement appropriate and necessary structures to address emergencies and natural disasters, including ensuring that computer data is securely backed up regularly to ensure that all data is recoverable if the system crashes.

We will ensure the following documents are regularly updated to provide current information to staff in the event of an emergency:

  • Participant support plans
  • Emergency plans, including Personal Emergency Preparation Plan
  • Contact details
  • Medication lists
  • Critical supplies
  • Critical suppliers.

In the case of an emergency, we will implement the Emergency and Disaster Management Policy.

3.1 Training #

Training of staff and management is essential to business continuity. The manager or their delegates will advise staff and participants of all training requirements, e.g. scenario training to inform staff of possible emergencies and the relevant procedures to follow.

3.2 Reviews and updates #

We will use their risk management and continuous improvement policies and procedures to review current practices and determine an improvement plan. Improvements are likely, to ensure that our business continues to grow and develop. iSeekSupport will use all appropriate data to determine threats or risks to the business, staff, and participants.

Implementing best practice standards is the key to ensuring that the business moves forward with positive outcomes. Our staff will be trained to ensure that they are knowledgeable and professional. Staff will be kept up to date with any required changes to the service.

We will ensure that all required business insurances are current and our government regulatory requirements are met.

iSeekSupport Policy and Procedure – Published 09.02.2022 #

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