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NDIS Practice Standard 2: Provider Governance and
Operational Management #

1.0 Purpose #

iSeekSupport aim is to ensure that actions and decisions are informed, objective and fair. A conflict of interest may affect the way a person acts, the choices they make, or the way they vote on group decisions.

iSeekSupport proactively manages any perceived and actual conflicts of interest through the development and maintenance of organisational policies. This management will ensure that corporate and ethical values do not impede participants’ right to choose and control their supports and services.

Identified conflicts of interest require action to ensure that personal or individual interests do not impact the organisation’s services, activities, or decisions.

2.0 Scope #

All management, staff and contractors must act in the organisation’s interests and notify the organisation when conflicts with other interests or commitments.

3.0 Policy #

The manager requires declarations and management of conflicts of interest as part of their legal responsibilities as the controlling member of the organisation.

This policy requires management and staff to disclose any outside interests that conflict with the organisation’s interests. The manager must act impartially and without prejudice. Gifts or benefits are not accepted due to the potential influence of any decision relating to iSeekSupport. Examples may include:

  • Close personal friends or family members involved in decisions about employment, discipline or dismissal, service allocation, or awarding of contracts
  • Individuals, or their close friends or family members, who are gaining financially or gaining some other form of advantage
  • An individual engaged by another organisation offering services that are in a competitive relationship with iSeekSupport (the individual may have access to commercially sensitive)
  • Information, plans or financial information which conflict with iSeekSupport
  • Prior agreements or allegiances that are binding an individual to other individuals or agencies, requiring them to act in the interests of another party or to take a position on an issue that will conflict with iSeekSupport.

4.0 Procedure #

4.1 Registration of known conflicts of interest #

A Conflict of Interest Register will be maintained, and management and staff will be asked to declare:

  • Potential or actual conflicts of interest that exist when a person joins the organisation
  • Conflicts of interest that arise during their involvement with the organisation, which will be recorded in the register maintained by the manager or their delegate.

All potential and actual conflicts will be recorded in the register to provide sight of the identified and declared conflicts.

All management and staff must declare any potential or actual conflicts of interest that become evident during their involvement with the organisation. Management must disclose potential conflicts before the commencement of any meeting.

All management and staff must speak with the manager when a conflict becomes apparent and provide formal notification in writing to the manager of the conflict.

4.2 Management of conflicts of interest #

Where a conflict of interest is declared or identified by a staff member:

  • The immediate supervisor and the manager will assess the conflict
  • If a conflict of interest exists (or there is a perception that a conflict exists), the staff member may be asked to:
  1. Contribute to the discussion but abstain from voting or taking part in a decision on the matter
  2. Observe but not take part in the discussion or decision-making
  3. Leave the meeting during the discussion and before a decision has been made.

4.3 Staff involvement in external activities #

iSeekSupport encourages and supports staff to become involved in community activities and volunteer work in their personal lives. However, the staff member may undertake volunteer or professional roles outside the organisation, leading to a conflict of interest or a perception of conflict, e.g., consultancy work for member organisations or government agencies.

As a result, iSeekSupport expects that all staff members declare their involvement in external work-related activities to allow for discussion and management of the potential conflicts of interest with the manager. Staff members who undertake other (new) work outside of the organisation need to inform the manager.

4.4 Contractors #

All contracts with external consultants engaged by the organisation will include a Conflict of Interest Declaration confirming that no conflict of interest exists.

iSeekSupport Policy and Procedure – Published 09.02.2022 #

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