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NDIS Practice Standard 2: Provider Governance and
Operational Management #

1.0 Purpose #

iSeekSupport is committed to continuous service improvement. Continuous improvement requires a deliberate and sustained effort and a learning culture. It is results-driven with a focus not only on strengthening service delivery but also on individual outcomes.

This policy supports iSeekSupport to apply the National Disability Insurance Service Practice Standards and Quality Indicators.

iSeekSupport actively pursues and demonstrates continuous improvement in all aspects of business operations.

2.0 Scope #

All staff, whether permanent or casual, contractors, volunteers or business partners, are responsible for monitoring how well iSeekSupport services and supports are functioning.

3.0 Definitions #

4.0 Policy #

This policy guides the design and delivery of services and ensures iSeekSupport maintains high standards, improves systems and processes, adapts to changing needs and demonstrates organisational improvement.

4.1 Continuous improvement process #

The basis of iSeekSupport’s quality system is a cycle of self-improvement that follows a basic model involving planning, acting and checking to improve and standardise our processes. This model is used at an organisation level to determine, measure, analyse and improve performance. At a process level, this approach involves:

  • Identifying problems or improvement opportunities, then investigating and determining the root cause
  • Developing and implementing an action plan, listing tasks, setting target dates, nominating responsibility and tracking progress through continuous management
  • Checking that the improvement has led to growth through performance measures and identifying any new or additional measures needed
  • Standardising improvements made through policies or other documents.

4.2 Principles #

  • All services, processes and procedures undertaken are the best they can be.
  • Services are regularly reviewed and measured for quality and effectiveness.
  • All staff and participants are encouraged to provide feedback on how to improve service delivery.
  • The participants are to be involved in all decision-making processes that affect them.
  • Participants, family and advocates can provide valuable insights about the effectiveness of services, highlight any gaps or issues that arise and provide ideas for improvements and innovation.
  • A learning culture of quality within the organisation ensures all people, regardless of their role, contribute to service quality and quality management.
  • Planning, resource allocation, risk management and reporting are critical for continuous improvement and are part of an integrated approach that supports ISeekSupport’s mission and vision.
  • iSeekSupport is committed to innovation, high quality, continuous improvement, contemporary best practice and effectiveness in the provision of supports to people with disabilities.

Diagram 1. Continuous Improvement Cycle Process

4.3 Measurements of quality #

iSeekSupport uses survey and audit results to measure outcomes required under the NDIS Practice Standards and Quality Indicators, in addition to other legislative requirements.

4.4 Sources of data for continuous improvement #

4.4.1 Changes in legislation/regulation and best practice #

iSeekSupport’s management is informed of regulative and legislative changes via structured access to government, industry and association information channels and through attendance at industry conferences, networking events and ongoing training/education. Information of this type is used to improve practices and approaches in our operations and services, including implementing service improvements.

Policies and procedures will be reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure compliance with legislation. Version control will occur to ensure current documents are available to staff and participants.

4.4.2 Feedback and evaluation of data #

iSeekSupport will conduct formal surveys annually, at a minimum, to obtain opinions and feedback from participants as well as from their families and advocates, where possible.

Such feedback will assist iSeekSupport to assess the quality of services accurately and to make any improvements necessary.

iSeekSupport will collate the feedback from its surveys and advise participants of any proposed improvements to service delivery. Surveys and focus groups may also be targeted to review specific aspects of performance, e.g. information provision or ensuring participants are involved in their planning and decision-making.

Staff surveys will be conducted on an annual basis and during our annual performance reviews. These will be used to measure morale, understanding of iSeekSupport’s policies and procedures, operating environment satisfaction, roles within the organisation, training and information needs and our commitment to our values. Feedback analysis is incorporated into a Continuous Improvement Plan.

4.4.3 Internal/external audits #

iSeekSupport will conduct periodic internal audits to determine whether the quality management system conforms to the requirements of the relevant quality standards. The internal audits will check all processes and documents to ensure that the quality management system has been effectively implemented and maintained.

Internal and external audits will be designed to ensure that legislation, industry standards, and operational processes are correctly understood and implemented as per organisational policy (see Appendix 1: Internal review and external audit schedule).

Data obtained from audits will be stored and used to ensure corrective actions are recorded, verified and closed out. The data collected from internal audits and corrective actions will be integrated into the continuous quality improvement system.

4.4.4 Complaint management #

All complaints will be investigated to determine the root causes and required improvements. All improvements will be tracked to capture and evaluate corrective actions and progress through management systems (meetings and reports).

All staff will be responsible for promoting the development of a positive complaint handling culture. Management will review complaints every six months (at least) to ensure that the complaint handling process follows our policy and procedures.

The manager or their delegate will annually review the entire complaint handling system to ensure changes to policy and practice are implemented when necessary. The complaint data will be analysed to determine any trends or patterns of ongoing concern; such analysis will be incorporated into the continuous improvement system and corporate governance.

4.4.5 Incident reporting #

The manager or their delegate will be responsible for reviewing incidents, including incidents recorded under the Incident Register. This register allows for collating and analysing data from incident reports to determine issues, trends, or patterns of ongoing concern; such analysis will be linked to the continuous improvement system.

4.4.6 Unsolicited feedback #

Every participant and staff member has the right (and are encouraged) to provide feedback and suggestions that they believe can lead to improvements in the overall operation of iSeekSupport. They may use the Complaints and Feedback Form to put their thoughts and ideas in writing to the manager. Alternatively, feedback can be provided via email or phone.

All suggestions will be fully considered, and appropriate improvements implemented wherever possible. This feedback information is linked to our corporate governance to instigate changes in policies and procedures to improve practices on an ongoing basis.

4.5 Communication of improvements #

An outline of any improvements is provided via:

  • Staff meetings
  • Emails
  • Subcontractor meetings
  • Updated policies and procedures.

4.6 Monitoring continuous improvement processes and systems #

As part of our audit program, continuous improvement processes and systems are regularly audited. All staff, participants and other stakeholders are encouraged to provide ongoing feedback on any issues and areas where improvements are possible.

Continuous improvement should include feedback from participants and stakeholders to ensure that iSeekSupport meets the needs of the community in which it functions.

Continuous improvement ideas and strategies will be used to inform our corporate governance. Document and version control measures are to be documented in the Document Control Register. New documents are distributed as outlined in this document.

5.0 References #

  • Disability Services Act 1986 (Commonwealth)
  • Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth)
  • Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Commonwealth)
  • Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Commonwealth)
  • NDIS Practice Standards and Quality Indicators 2021

Appendix 1: Internal review and external audit schedule #

iSeekSupport Policy and Procedure – Published 09.02.2022 #

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