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Delegation of Responsibility and Authority

NDIS Practice Standard 2: Provider Governance and
Operational Management #

1.0 Purpose #

Delegations of responsibility and authority are the mechanisms by which iSeekSupport enables the staff of iSeekSupport to act on behalf of iSeekSupport.

The purpose of this policy is to establish a framework for delegating responsibility and authority within iSeekSupport, in a manner that facilitates efficiency and effectiveness and increases accountability levels of our staff and volunteers’ performances.

Delegations are a crucial element in effective governance and management of iSeekSupport and provide formal authority to staff and volunteers to commit the organisation and incur liabilities on behalf of the organisation.

Delegations of responsibility and authority within iSeekSupport are intended to achieve four objectives to ensure:

  • The efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation’s administrative processes
  • The appropriate officers have been provided with the level of authority necessary to discharge their responsibilities
  • The most suitable and best-informed individuals exercise delegated authority within the organisation
  • The internal controls are adequate.

2.0 Scope #

The policy applies to all staff and volunteers who have delegated responsibility or authority to act and sign documents on behalf of iSeekSupport.

3.0 Policy #

This policy sets out the circumstances under which the CEO may delegate their responsibilities.

The CEO is responsible for the management of the organisation and can delegate any of its functions. However, the CEO may not delegate its power to adopt the following:

  • Strategic plan
  • Business plan
  • Annual budget.

The CEO is:

  • Charged with the duty of promoting the interests and furthering the development of iSeekSupport
  • Responsible for the administrative, financial, and other business of ISeekSupport
  • Responsible for exercising general supervision over the staff and volunteers of ISeekSupport.

The CEO may delegate any function, power, or duty conferred or imposed upon them, subject to this policy, to any member of the staff of the organisation.

iSeekSupport is committed to the highest standards of integrity, fairness and ethical conduct; including full compliance with all relevant legal requirements and, in turn, requires that all managers, staff, volunteers and contractors, acting on its behalf, meet those same standards of integrity, fairness and ethical behaviour, including compliance with all legal requirements.

There is no circumstance under which it is acceptable for iSeekSupport or any of its staff or contractors to, knowingly and deliberately, not comply with the law, or to act unethically in the course of performing or advancing iSeekSupport’s business.

4.0 Procedure #

The overarching policy applies to iSeekSupport as a whole. Units within the organisation must align their delegation of authority and responsibility policies with the central strategy. Delegations are to be exercised to ensure that delegated staff hold the requisite qualifications and skills.

4.1 Delegations to the CEO #

Delegations are attached to the position occupied, not to the occupant of the position. The responsibilities of a position appear in a duty statement, role statement, or statement of responsibility appropriate to the position.

Delegations reflect iSeekSupport’s organisational structure. Levels of authority are hierarchical through relevant lines of responsibility, up to and including the CEO. Formal authorities held by any delegate are included in those held by that delegate’s supervisor or line manager; a delegate who sub-delegates authority remains responsible and accountable for the decision or action.

The CEO may, at any time, vary or terminate any delegation, subject to confirmation by the Board at its next meeting.

A delegation cannot be exercised where the officer holding the delegation has a conflict of interest or where the delegation will directly or indirectly result in any tangible benefit to the delegate. In such cases, a transfer of the function to another appropriate position must be arranged by the CEO.

Permanent changes to delegations, either permissive or restrictive, require written authority from the CEO. The CEO must approve any significant variation to the standard delegations.

This policy applies only to formal delegations. Delegations of an informal nature, where no commitment or liability is incurred on behalf of iSeekSupport, are carried out in the normal business of the organisation without the requirement of written authority.

A staffing delegation can only be actioned by the delegate who holds management responsibility for the individual staff member.

iSeekSupport Policy and Procedure – Published 09.02.2022 #

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