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NDIS Practice Standard 1: Rights and Responsibilities #

1.0 Purpose #

People with disabilities have the same right as other members of Australian society to realise their full potential. They should be supported to participate in and contribute to social and economic life. The purpose of this policy is to ensure inclusion of and access for people with disabilities to mainstream and community-based activities and other government initiatives.

2.0 Scope #

This policy applies to all front-line staff.

3.0 Policy #

iSeekSupport will access links between other service systems, e.g. social activities, which will improve and support the varying needs of people with disabilities, their families and advocates.

iSeekSupport’s commitment is to make sure people with disabilities are connected to their communities by:

  • Providing information on mainstream services and community activities which will benefit participants
  • Contributing to developing links and networks within the community
  • Working in partnership with community organisations to provide opportunities for active participation in local activities
  • Supporting key workers to build their capacity so that they can sustain their role, which could involve linking them into direct-carer support services
  • Linking the participant and their families to social and recreational activities that provide the family with a break from their caring role and connect them with the community
  • Sourcing activities that promote the participant’s wellbeing, e.g. personal development, peer support and mentoring.

4.0 Procedure #

iSeekSupport will follow this policy to allow participants to maintain their ability to participate in and contribute to society. Front-line workers are required to ensure that participants are:

  • Connected within their community
  • Informed about relevant activities to allow for the participant to make decisions and choices
  • Provided with the necessary skills to participate confidently and contribute to the community and protect their rights
  • Assisted to use and benefit from mainstream services
  • Assisted to participate in, and benefit from, community activities
  • Supported to contribute to leading, shaping and influencing their community.

iSeekSupport Policy and Procedure – Published 09.02.2022 #

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