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Person-Centred Supports Policy and Participant Service Charter of Rights

NDIS Practice Standard 1: Rights and Responsibilities #

1.0 Purpose #

The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission aims to uphold the rights of people with disabilities, including the right to dignity and respect, and to live free from abuse, exploitation, and violence; this is in keeping with Australia’s commitment to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Our organisation has used this statement as the basis of our policy.

This policy aims to empower people with disabilities to exercise choice and control in the support services they receive. Whilst ensuring appropriate protections are in place; and building the capacity of people with disabilities, their families, and their carers to make informed decisions about National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) providers.

2.0 Scope #

This policy applies to all staff members and participants; the policy aims to assist participants in understanding their rights.

3.0 Policy #

iSeekSupport will provide supports that promotes, upholds and respects individual rights to freedom of expression, self-determination and decision-making.

The Participant Service Charter outlines the rights of participants, how participants will be treated and the obligations of iSeekSupport. This charter also sets out participant responsibilities and feedback options on any aspect of the service.

iSeekSupport takes a person-centred, evidence-based approach to any services that we provide where the participant, family or their advocate/s is primary to any decisions made.

iSeekSupport exists to work with our participants, their advocates, family members and other service providers, as relevant, to provide the services to meet our participants’ needs within the scope of our services.

We will provide support and work with other community groups or education programs directly or partner with other services. Information regarding our services is located on our website, iSeekSupport or by asking a staff member.

iSeekSupport will work with other groups, services and programs, either directly or in partnership, to ensure the provision of relevant supports.

Our Service Charter of Rights will be provided to participants in a Participant Handbook using simple terminologies such as your rights, responsibilities, and responsibilities.

4.0 Charter of Rights #

4.1 Participants’ rights #

Participants have many individual rights. We understand these rights and work towards informing, supporting and assisting participants to achieve their goals and exercise their rights. iSeekSupport adopts a policy of non-discrimination in the provision of our support services to individuals and the eligibility and entry to these services.

Participants have the right to:

  • Access supports that promote, uphold and respect their legal and human rights
  • Exercise informed choice and control
  • Freedom of expression, self-determination and decision-making
  • Access supports that respect culture, diversity, values and beliefs
  • Access a service that respects their dignity and right to privacy
  • Support access to make informed choices to maximise their independence
  • Access supports free from violence, abuse, neglect, exploitation or discrimination
  • Receive supports which are overseen by strong operational management
  • Access services which are safeguarded by caring carers who work within a well-managed risk and incident management system
  • Receive services from workers who are competent, qualified and have expertise in providing person-centred supports
  • Consent to the sharing of information between providers during transition periods
  • Select to opt-out of providing information, as required by NDIS.

4.2 Participants’ responsibilities #

Participants using our support services have responsibilities to iSeekSupport We ask that they:

  • Respect the rights of our staff to ensure a workplace that is safe, healthy and free from harassment
  • Abide by the terms of their agreement with us
  • Understand that their needs may change and, correspondingly, services provided may need to change to meet their needs
  • Accept responsibility for their actions and choices, even though some decisions may involve risk
  • Inform us if they have any problems with our staff or the services received
  • Share appropriate information to develop, deliver and review their support plan
  • Care for their health and wellbeing (as much as they can)
  • Provide information that will help us better meet their needs
  • Provide us with a minimum of 24-hours’ notice if they will not be home for their service
  • Understand that our staff are only authorised to perform the agreed number of hours and tasks outlined in their service agreement
  • Contribute and participate in the safety assessments of their home
  • Control pets during service provision
  • Provide a smoke-free working environment
  • Pay the agreed amount for the services provided
  • Inform us in writing (where able) and provide appropriate notice before terminating our service
  • Advise our staff, when asked, if they wish to opt-out of a service.

4.3 Participant’s right to provide feedback #

iSeekSupport values all feedback, positive and negative. We ask participants to speak up and not be silent; we want to know when a service has been exceptional or when individuals are unhappy with the service received or believe they have not been treated fairly.

Feedback can be provided in the following ways, including:

  • Completing a Complaints and Feedback Form
  • Talking directly to a staff member
  • Asking to speak to a more senior manager or supervisor
  • Contacting the office via the phone
  • Contacting us anonymously or completing the Anonymous Complaints and Feedback Form.

We will acknowledge the complaint by responding within one working day. iSeekSupport will resolve complaints openly, honestly and quickly. (See our Complaints and Feedback Policy and Procedure for further details).

If not satisfied with the resolution of a complaint, we recommend individuals contact the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission on 1800 035 544 (free call from landlines) or TTY 133 677.

Alternatively, individuals can lodge a complaint via the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission website. To view, go to forms.business.gov.au/smartforms

4.4 NDIS Code of Conduct #

Our team will provide support or quality services to participants, their families, and advocates. To enable us to do this, we request that all participants:

  • Provide complete and accurate information about themselves and their situation
  • Explain any changes in their health
  • Inform their staff if they cannot keep an appointment or commitment
  • Complete consent forms so that we can work with an advocate (if applicable)
  • Act respectfully and safely towards other people using the service and towards our front-line worker
  • Provide feedback about the service and advise how services could be improved
  • Report back to us if unhappy with our services, or if there is any matter of concern.

4.5 Our commitment to participants #

iSeekSupport takes a strengths-based, person-centred, holistic approach to care and support, where the participant or their advocate is primary to the decision-making process. Our team will ensure that services are managed with respect and in consultation with participants. When dealing with our stakeholders, we will:

  • Treat people with respect
  • Treat individuals courteously, fairly and without discrimination
  • Inform participants of their rights and responsibilities through our orientation process, Easy Read documents and handbooks
  • Protect personal information
  • Involve participants in any decisions regarding the services they access
  • Assist participants in connecting with other services, if needed
  • Inform how to provide feedback on our services
  • Ensure participant safety and undertake practices that prevent injury
  • Assist participants in accessing and using our services
  • Comply with signed service agreements
  • Inform participants of their rights and responsibilities
  • Arrange for an interpreter or other language services, if required
  • Respect individual views, opinions, personal circumstances and cultural diversity
  • Provide advice and options regarding other supports and services that may be available
  • Ensure staff have the appropriate skills and competencies to meet participants needs
  • Treat everybody with dignity, fairness and respect, without discrimination or victimisation
  • Advise how complaints can be made and provide information on how we will respond to that complaint
  • Provide support and care that recognises and acknowledges individual preferences, choices, interests and capability
  • Support the right for participants to receive quality care in an appropriate environment which promotes participation
  • Provide services that meet, or exceed, relevant industry standards such as the NDIS practice standards and quality indicators, NDIS rules, and their charter of rights.

iSeekSupport Policy and Procedure – Published 09.02.2022 #

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