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Service Agreement with Participant

NDIS Practice Standard 3: Provision of Support #

1.0 Purpose #

iSeekSupport undertakes the development of a service agreement during the access to support and assessment process and with the collaboration of relevant parties.

We will ensure that all parties are aware of and have agreed to all aspects of the provided services.

2.0 Scope #

It is the responsibility of the CEO, or their delegate, to undertake the development of a service agreement with the participant and to ensure it is designed specifically to meet their individual needs.

3.0 Policy #

iSeekSupport collaborates with each participant to develop a service agreement which:

  • Establishes expectations
  • Explains the supports to be delivered
  • Specifies any conditions attached to the delivery of supports, including why these conditions are attached.

The participant is supported to understand their service agreement and conditions using the language, mode of communication and terms that the participant is most likely to follow. We will supply Easy Read documents, as required.

The participant must provide their consent or direction to develop and maintain links with other providers to collaborate and share information to meet their needs. The service agreement includes emergency and disaster management plans for individuals.

4.0 Procedure #

iSeekSupport undertakes the following procedure to develop a service agreement with each participant:

Collaborate with the family, advocate or representative to ensure that the service agreement meets the requirements and links to needs, interests and aspirations.

  1. Use appropriate communication methods to explore, explain and determine what is being provided within the agreement.
  2. Keep appropriate records explaining the process undertaken, including consent/direction to collaborate with other providers and to share information to enable the team to meet the participant’s requirements.
  3. Provide the participant with a copy of their service agreement. When the participant wishes not to keep a copy of the agreement, the circumstance under which the participant did not receive a copy must be documented and kept on the participant’s file. It is good practice to have the participant note on the agreement that a copy was not required.
  4. The Service Agreement must outline the party or parties responsible and their roles, where applicable, for the following issues:
    1. How the participant will communicate their concerns about a dwelling.
    2. How potential conflicts involving participant(s) will be managed.
    3. How changes to participant circumstances or support needs will be disclosed, as agreed.
    4. How vacancies are filled in shared living and how each participant has the right.
    5. Are their needs, preferences and situation being considered?
    6. How behaviours of concern are managed may put tenancy at risk if relevant to the participant
    7. How emergencies and disasters will be managed.

iSeekSupport Policy and Procedure – Published 09.02.2022 #

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