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Transition or Exit

NDIS Practice Standard 3: Provision of Support #

1.0 Purpose #

iSeekSupport’s Transition or Exit Policy and Procedure complies with the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013, which promotes access, inclusion and choice for people with disabilities. The purpose of this policy is to define the processes required to assist and support participants to transition to or exit from services.

2.0 Scope #

This policy applies to all participants receiving supports and services from iSeekSupport. This policy aims to define a transition or exit process for participants, family and advocate/s, where applicable. The policy provides direction for iSeekSupport’s staff when considering the exit of a participant from the organisation or working with other providers during the transition to the organisation.

3.0 Policy #

iSeekSupport is committed to providing participants with information and support through the process of transition into, or exiting from, the organisation’s services:

  • All participants are provided with the necessary information and explanation in the appropriate communication formats concerning their transition into or exit from the service.
  • Participants are provided with information and support through the transition into or exit from the organisation’s service.
  • Participant transition strategies and exit planning will be documented in the participant’s service agreement and support plan.
  • The participant entry and exit process for programs are transparent; the organisation adopts fair and non-discriminatory practices when a participant chooses or is required to leave the service.
  • To collaborate with other providers for a planned transition to, or from, our service.
  • Staff must document, communicate and effectively manage transitions and exits to benefit participants.
  • With each transition, risk assessments are to be undertaken, documented and acknowledged.
  • iSeekSupport delegated staff members must identify processes for the participant and ensure application and review.
  • iSeekSupport will record if a participant:
    • Has met their goals,
    • Chooses to leave or cease the services,
    • Wishes to transfer to another service provider,
    • Moves location and cannot access the service,
    • Is no longer eligible for services.

For temporary transition and exit to a hospital or similar refer to Transitions of Care between Disability Services and Hospitals Policy and Procedure. For other temporary transitions and exits, use this policy.

4.0 Definition #

5.0 Procedure #

iSeekSupport will implement a collaborative approach when undertaking all decision-making processing regarding transition and exit to allow for an informed approach. This approach must be recorded in the support plan and include the following:

  • Reasons for the transition
  • Details of the provider transitioning to/from
  • Outline of collaborative communication
  • Summary of communication methods and details of information provided to relevant parties
  • The feedback that is received from participants, families, advocates and stakeholders
  • Transition time frames
  • Transition process incorporating details of the process, application and communication process relevant to the participant
  • Identification of risks to the participant and risk management strategies
  • Review of the process and adjustments made, as required.

All participants must be advised how and when a process of transition or exit can occur at the time of development of their Service Agreement and Support Plan.

5.1 Service agreement #

As per the Service Agreement, a minimum notice of no less than 14 days, or a more extended period, is required to enable the participant, family, and advocate or iSeekSupport to have adequate time to nominate an alternative registered provider to deliver support services.

iSeekSupport will give notice of intent to withdraw/terminate services to a participant as per their Service Agreement, which states no less than 14 days’ notice, or longer, as required.

Figure 1. Transition or exit process

5.2 Transition or exit plan #

  • A transition or exit plan will be developed at the time of entry to the service.
  • The transition or exit plan is discussed during the participant’s reviews.
  • The participant will be informed of any risks involved with transitioning into, or exiting from, the service.
  • The plan will include a seamless time frame, offer flexibility and provide reliable support from the other service provider.
  • The plan will support participants to transition into our service, exit to other services or cease services, as required.

5.3 Interviews #

An entry interview is part of the transition plan; participants wishing to make a complaint regarding their transition into the service will be provided with details on the complaint process.

An exit interview is part of the exit plan; participants wishing to make a complaint regarding their exit will be provided with details on the complaint process.

5.4 Risks #

Risks associated with the transition or exit process are identified during the planning stage, documented in the participant’s plan and responded to immediately. This risk assessment will be held in the support plan.

5.4.1 Transition

  • Identify the participant requiring transition into iSeekSupport
  • Identify the service(s) transition from
  • Undertake Individual Risk Profile
  • Work with the participant and relevant stakeholders to eliminate or minimise risk
  • Monitor during the transition process and offer relevant options
  • Create a Transition and Exit Plan

5.4.2 Exit

  • Participant informs iSeekSupport that they are exiting our service
  • Liaise with the new provider and provide relevant risk information and reports
  • Work with the participant and new service to eliminate or minimise risk
  • Monitor during the exit process and offer relevant options
  • Create a Transition and Exit Plan

iSeekSupport will aim to minimise the impact of change that is occurring for the participant by creating a transition support schedule that meets the participant’s goals, needs and requirements appropriately.

iSeekSupport Policy and Procedure – Published 09.02.2022 #

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