Terms and Conditions

iseeksupport agrees to:

  1. Treat you with courtesy and respect at all times
  2. Review the service with you 12 months
  3. Take into account your lifestyle, cultural, linguistic and religious background and preferences
  4. Consult you on decisions about how your support are provided;
  5. Work with you to arrange for support that fit your needs and at your preferred times
  6. Comply with the approved guidelines relevant to the funding
  7. listen to your comments and questions and resolve problems quickly
  8. Keep and provide clear records on services provided to you for a period of 7 years
  9. Ensure that all your services are provided to you in a timely manner
  10. Detail your service including all our cost and charges
  11. Only provide and charge you on confirmation of available funding for quoted services with you as outlined in your plan
  12. Maintain your confidentially, except where we are legally required to share information or when there are concerns about safety or well-being.
  13. Talk to you or notify you in writing if we need to stop this agreement, offering a minimum of 14 days’ notice
  14. Assist you to provide feedback or make a complaint about the service we have delivered
  15. Provide you with a staff member who is highly experienced and expertise in providing services
  16. Continue to invest in our staff’s professional development, supervision and mentoring
  17. Maintain cost in line with the relevant price guide to enable us to continue to maintain high standards


Client agrees to:

  1. Review, sign and return copies of service contract in a timely manner
  2. Treat iseeksupport staff with courtesy and respect
  3. Report any errors or inconsistencies/misunderstanding without delay
  4. Follow the approved guidelines of the funding;
  5. Abide with any iseeksupport requests in relation to health and safety
  6. Work with iseeksupport to make sure that the services and support delivered meet my support needs
  7. Talk to iseeksupport if I have any concerns about the services or support being provided
  8. Give iseeksupport reasonable notice (outlined below) should I wish to cease this agreement;
    • Contact iseeksupport 24 hour sin advance if I need to change or cancel my appointment
    • Pay 50% of the fees payable if i do not give 24 hours’ notice before cancelling or failing to attend an appointment
    • If a participant makes a short-notice cancellation after 3pm day before the service the provider may charge up to 90% of agreed price for the cancelled appointment this maybe charged up to 12 times
    • If participant provides of cancellation prior 1pm day before scheduled service providers may not charge cancellation fee
    • Understand that my services may be suspended if I repeatedly cancel appointments or do not attend.
    • Communicate to iseeksupport staff I have any concerns about the services being provided.
    • Contact the NSW Ombudsman on 1800 451 524 or NSW Fair Trading on 13 32 20 if am not satisfied with how a complaint has been handled by iseeksupport.
  1. Comply with safe working practices
  2. Do not request support workers to provide services outside the agreement.